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Our Memorial Day cruise is scheduled to take place on the weekend of May 23th through May 26th.
I anticipate some boats may depart on Friday and some on Saturday.
Port Kinsale - not to be confused with Kinsale Harbour Marina (which is further inland)
Port Kinsale can be found on the map:
347 Allen Point Lane
Kinsale, VA  22488
Their number is:
1 (804) 472-2044
38 degrees 1.769 N
76 degrees 33.373 W
This trip is 70 miles one way.
Entrance is gained at the Yeocomico River.
Once in the Yeocomico River, you will make a slight zig-zag to get to the marina.
The marina layout is depicted below.  The restaurant is in the center up from the Gas Dock.
"This is range boat number 4, over"...
If you have not traveled south of the 301 bridge before, you may not be familiar with Dahlgren Range Boats.
The river, south of the 301 up to just south of Cobb Island, is closed/modified for boats traveling in that area.
You will be hailed on VHF 16 by a "range boat" and they will proceed to provide you instructions on how to proceed south.
If you have a modern GPS/Chart Chip, you will find yellow buoys marked in this area.  It is these buoys you need to stay north of (on the Maryland side).
For a closer look
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