Madigan's Float Plan
Madigan's Restaurant is located up the Occoquan River.
            • When you enter the Occoquan River, you pass Belmont Bay to your right.  Make the slight turn to port on your way in and come to "no wake" at the Belmont Town Homes.
            • As you come to "no wake" - hug the gas dock and begin looking for the day markers taking you to the other side of shore.  It runs shallow outside of the channel, but is soft bottom.
            • As you get to the other side of shore, you'll pass Fairfax Yacht Club and then Captain John's.
            • You pass under the rail bridge and come upon Occoquan/Water's Edge.
            • Continuing on, you'll pass under I95 (either side of the pillars is fine).
            • Make your way around the bend to come upon Hoffman's Marina.
            • Continue forward to pass by Prince William Marina.
            • Once past Prince William, find your day markers again as it gets a bit tricky.
            • You move gradually from port side of shore to starboard side of shore.
            • Note in the map below how the channel moves from west to east as you move up the Occoquan.
            • It almost appears, following the markers, you are in route to be taken to close to shore...  Trust the markers.. 
            • As you begin getting close to Madigan's you start to see the 123 Bridge.  You will pass the bridge under it's northern most pillars. 
            • Do not try to pass under the 123 bridge under the southern pillars.
            • The Madigan's City Dock is pictured below. 
            • You can fit three rows of 30ft boats to the pier. 
            • Miss Rivershore (if running) is now operating off the southern (left side in the picture below) tip of the pier.
            • Note the rock pile just to the left of the pier. 
            • This rock pile extends all the way back to the pier and is why you must cross under the 123 bridge on the northern side.
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